Full-Service Contract Operations and Facility Management Solutions

Knowledge and resources that help clients manage risk, upgrade operations practices, advance preventive maintenance, improve service, find and implement efficiencies that reduce cost of operations, and maximize production uptime.

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Jacobs’ Operations Management and Facilities Services (OMFS) practice offers a full suite of custom-tailored operations, maintenance and facility-management services for water and wastewater utilities, public agencies and private industry. We bring skills and abilities from over four decades of successful operations and maintenance (O&M) delivery to clients nationwide. But as the industry’s only truly integrated O&M provider — with operations, planning, design, construction services and program management under one roof — Jacobs is more than an operator.

We provide clients with the skills, knowledge and resources for every service we undertake. Our clients benefit from services built on dynamic partnerships that enable them to take advantage of advanced technologies and approaches, manage and share risk, save costs and optimize equipment and systems.

Today, we deliver safe and reliable operations, maintenance and facility-management services to over 15 million people daily.

Key solutions

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    Water and Wastewater O&M

    Clients look to Jacobs for advanced O&M approaches and technologies, in part because of our position in the industry. As one of the largest water and wastewater O&M service providers in North America, we operate, maintain and manage water and wastewater facilities for cities, counties, service jurisdictions and industrial facilities.

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    Municipal Public Works

    We serve as the Public Works Department for numerous cities in the U.S. Staff help maintain key infrastructure for cities, including repairs and maintenance for roadways, engineering expertise and traffic management, among other services.

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    Transportation O&M

    Transportation agencies select Jacobs to provide outsourced O&M services, hiring us to be the Operations and Maintenance Department for an agency in a long-term partnership.

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    New City Startup and Operations

    New cities turn to Jacobs to make the most of their one-time opportunity to start in a way that provides better services in a fiscally responsible manner. We have started up more new cities in the U.S. than any other firm in the last 20 years, using the public-private partnership model for the outsourced operations of one or more departments.

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    Facilities Management

    We deliver integrated facilities management services that enhance the lifecycle and performance output of facilities. Services are provided on a scalable basis through trained staff who allow our clients to efficiently adapt to fluctuating business cycles.  

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    Intelligent Asset and Facilities Management

    No organization is better prepared to leverage new smart systems for real-time organizational decision making than the facilities department. The data provided changes the way administrations manage their second largest investment behind people. Our intelligent facilities deliver a set of information-centric services that encompass both technology solutions and methodologies to design, construct, manage and operate our clients’ infrastructure more efficiently, while improving their bottom line. Intelligent systems, additionally, allow for optimal use of resources and aid in resiliency.

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    Consulting and Engineering

    With seasoned experts nationwide, we leverage regional and corporate resources to support onsite staff. Engineers, consultants and process experts provide input on projects — including regulatory compliance, technology selection and implementation, project management and asset management, among others — at no additional cost to our clients.

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Jacobs offers a full suite of custom-tailored operations, maintenance and facility-management services for water and wastewater utilities, public agencies and private industry.

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Benefits of partnering with us

  • Alignment with your expectations

    Our clients look for partnerships focused on effective leadership and collaboration, communication and transparency, and a commitment to good citizenship. We are renowned for client-centricity and delivering innovative solutions based on our customers’ needs.

    Exceptional environmental compliance

    We guarantee the quality of reporting and operating in full compliance with environmental regulations. Our project teams maintain an outstanding record of performance with respect to regulatory compliance as well as maintain relationships among regulatory agencies.

  • Access to O&M, engineering and technical experts

    Jacobs is an industry-leading company when it comes to utility optimization and value creation combining expert technical, engineering, construction and operations talent under one roof. Our clients have access to technical experts who share information, resources and best practices, ultimately creating savings and efficiency.

    Staffing and people development

    Our clients seek a contract operations partnership to address workforce retention and the aging workforce. We invest in leader development programs, recruitment and retention, and inclusion and diversity efforts to support a high-performance culture and provide high-achieving talent for clients.

  • Outside revenue for city projects

    We have a proven track record of helping clients find state and federal funding. Our knowledge of regional, state and federal agencies allows us to assist cities to bring in grants and awards that fund additional or expanded services and projects and improve the return on investment.

    Community and worker safety

    Clients, staff and our communities benefit from our industry-leading approach to safety. We lead the industry average in total recordable incident rates and days away from work, and provide a strong culture of caring to create an incident- and injury-free environment for everyone.

  • Cost-effective and tailored services

    Our solutions are calibrated to meet expected levels of service within the budget needs of clients. As needs and priorities change, we have the flexibility to meet needs and achieve efficiencies.

    Sustainable solutions for a better future

    Projects drive continuous improvement focused on a reduction or savings in chemicals, energy, fuel, water use, waste minimization or emissions through effective tools and resources. These resources are tailored to a client’s specific values and needs.

    Emergency support

    Being there for our clients is not only about solving technical issues and budget constraints. Sometimes it’s about responding to unplanned events, such as major floods, snowstorms or chemical spills. Our integrated capabilities and vast resources allow us to quickly mobilize and tackle virtually any emergency.

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Our team by the numbers

  • 4.6 K


  • 15 M+

    population served

  • 99 %

    permit compliance

  • 8.4 K

    miles of collection and distribution system operated and maintained

  • 1.3 B

    gallons per day of water and wastewater treatment capacity under management

  • 300 +

    project sites

Our Operations and Maintenance project sites

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Meet some of the team delivering innovative O&M services nationwide

  • Jon Mantay, Vice President and Global Director of Operations
    Jon Mantay, Vice President and Global Director of Operations

    Jon has nearly 25 years of senior level local government administration experience in both city and county operations, including utilities, public works, community development, downtown redevelopment, urban renewal districts, parks and recreation and more. Plus more than a decade of private sector experience delivering exceptional services through public-private partnerships with local governments, state transportation agencies and private entities. He continues to direct, plan and coordinate operational activities and ensure policies and strategies that meet our clients’ expectations.

  • Jim Good,  Director of Environmental and Industrial Water Operations
    Jim Good, Director of Environmental and Industrial Water Operations

    With a background leading public and private sector utilities, Jim is responsible for the safety, compliance, financial and operational performance of industrial wastewater and water treatment facilities. These range from simple groundwater treatment facilities to multi-barrier processes serving clients in sectors such as rail, pharmaceuticals, food processing and major industrials.

  • John Rickermann
    John Rickermann, Managing Director of Technical Services Group

    John leads a team of technical experts who support full contract O&M projects at over 200 locations, as well as numerous consulting clients. His team includes more than 75 global experts in various technical fields who provide high-value, operations-focused approaches to solving challenges for municipal and industrial clients.

  • Jeff Heroux, Director of Environmental Compliance
    Jeff Heroux, Director of Environmental Compliance

    Jeff has more than 30 years of environmental regulatory experience. As the director of the Compliance and Reporting group, he manages a team of regulatory specialists located throughout the U.S. and is responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental regulations at Jacobs-operated drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities. His team performs comprehensive onsite compliance audits, develops and delivers regulatory training programs and provides direct support to the treatment facility managers and staff.

  • Lynette Baker, Director of Resource Planning
    Lynette Baker, Director of Resource Planning

    As a trained environmental scientist with a varied background including work in transportation, city administration, water conservation and more, Lynette brings more than 25 years of success to her role. She currently supports sustainable growth within OMFS to ensure talent development and career support. She works with leadership to create long-term staffing plans, advance inclusion and diversity, and assess and optimize people management systems.

  • Drew Mearns, Biosolids Specialist
    Drew Mearns, Biosolids Specialist

    Drew brings over 20 years of experience with residuals management across various regions of the U.S. to Jacobs. He works with global projects on residuals management, including dewatering, disposal and taking an operational approach to provide best management practices and lowest cost alternatives.

  • Deyanna Respress, Geographic Operations Director
    Deyanna Respress, Geographic Operations Director

    Deyanna is a seasoned director of external affairs with over 10 years of strategic planning relationship management experience. She oversees our municipal city services portfolio and is responsible for employee and client satisfaction, performance and people and resource management, among other things.

  • Mike Werner, P.E. Transportation Program Director
    Mike Werner, P.E. Transportation Program Director

    Mike has over 29 years of experience in the Transportation O&M industry. His experience includes roadway O&M, contract maintenance programs and traffic operations/ITS O&M, as well as incident management program oversight. Most recently Mike spent 15 year as the program director for O&M General Consultant Program with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

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