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If/When Jul 10, 2023

Generative AI: Intelligence with Integrity

Show Contributors: Todd Marks, Darrell Collett, Paul Thies

On this episode of If/When, we discussed the impact of generative AI, with a focus on the legal, creative and user experience impact of the technology.

Our guests for this episode are Todd Marks, founder and CEO of Mindgrub Technologies, a digital experience agency, and Darrell Collett, associate general counsel for Jacobs. In his work at Mindgrub, Todd and his team use AI technology to enhance the digital solutions their agency provides to clients, while at Jacobs, Darrell studies and evaluates the intellectual property implications posed by generative AI.

About our guests

Todd Marks

Todd Marks, a two-time EY Entrepreneur of the Year nominee, a member of Baltimore Magazine’s 40 under 40, and a three-time member of The Daily Record’s Most Admired CEOs, is the founder and CEO of Mindgrub Technologies. Mindgrub, a member of the Inc. 5000 for ten years, is a technical agency and creative consultancy specializing in award-winning mobile, web, and marketing strategy solutions. Todd is an experienced speaker and futurist and continually shares his vision for innovative technology at conferences across the globe. Under his leadership, Mindgrub has expanded to nearly 200 employees across North America and has moved its headquarters into the metaverse, reinforcing its commitment to a culture of inclusion and innovation.

Darrell Collett

Darrell Collett has 25 years of legal experience, including 10 years in private practice as a commercial litigator and 15 years as in-house counsel with Jacobs. While at Jacobs, Darrell has provided operations counsel support for the water and O&M businesses, and worked as compliance counsel in the Ethics & Compliance department. Currently, Darrell provides corporate legal services related to intellectual property, cybersecurity and data privacy.