In the kNOW Dec 10, 2020

Potable Reuse: Nature Reuses Water Endlessly, Why Don't We?

In the kNow Webinar

Natural- and human-made threats to our global water supply get more complex as populations surge and the demand for water across industries increases. Since there is no new water on Earth, all water goes through a natural cycle and is essentially recycled water before it is treated, tested and returned to homes and businesses as drinking water. In recent decades, forward-thinking organizations have looked to replicate nature more closely by reclaiming the water once viewed as waste and recycling it to augment water supplies.

In this webinar you’ll learn why potable reuse is not only a safe solution, it is also a future-proof and environmentally friendly one. Potable Reuse provides a locally-controlled, drought-proof water supply, eliminates the need for dedicated conveyance systems and reduces storage needs because water stays within the system – providing the water where it is needed and producing a strong water supply for resilient cities.


  • Larry Schimmoller, Water Reuse Global Technology Director, Jacobs - Moderator
  • Germano Salazar-Benites, SWIFT Project Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Tyler Nading, Senior Technologist, Jacobs
  • Jim Lozier, Desalination Global Technology Director, Jacobs
  • David Pedersen, General Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Administering Agent, Las Virgenes-Triunfo Joint Powers Authority
Potable Reuse

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Potable Reuse: Nature Reuses Water Endlessly, Why Don't We?