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News Aug 14, 2023

Summarizing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report Synthesis Report Findings

The conclusion is clear: climate change is a threat to human well-being and planetary health and the opportunity to secure a sustainable future is closing rapidly. Jacobs’ Global Principal, Climate Resilience Craig Clifton and Principal Technologist, Water Resources & Climate Resilience Tapash Das talk about key messages from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) most recent report – the Synthesis Report.
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Menzer Pehlivan undertaking earthquake reconnaissance
News Jun 21, 2023

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Earthquake Reconnaissance with Dr. Menzer Pehlivan

Menzer Pehlivan wanted to become an engineer after a 1999 earthquake shattered her home country, Turkiye. Learn about her journey, the world of geotechnical earthquake engineering and how she helped with reconnaissance efforts after this year’s devastating February 6 Turkiye earthquakes.
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News Apr 24, 2023

Building a Future-proof Company Starts with Talent, not Technology

In the latest issue of Infrastructure Intelligence magazine, Jacobs People & Places Solutions Senior Vice President Europe Kate Kenny looks at how agility and resilience in our digitally disrupted world rely on smarter software decisions and a strategic investment in employee careers, customer relationships and an inclusive company culture.
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News Apr 14, 2023

Co-creating Sustainable Water Catchments

In a recent webinar series, we examined how a collaborative OneWater approach is being used to address catchment-scale water management challenges, such as flooding and droughts, in the U.K.
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Image courtesy of ATI
News Mar 06, 2023

What Will it Take to Support Zero-Carbon Emission Flights?

What will it take to support zero-carbon emission flights? In the latest issue of Infrastructure Intelligence magazine, Jacobs Transportation Sustainability Specialist Chris Pickard looks at how airports can prepare now if they are to be ready to fuel hydrogen-powered aircraft and become catalysts to support wider decarbonization.
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News Feb 01, 2023

Jacobs AgilePod®-26: Innovation Takes to the Skies

Jacobs’ Director of Airborne Programs, Dr. Anthony M. DeLuca showcases high-flying innovation in the following piece about Jacobs’ AgilePod®-26, a standards-based multi-mission pod designed to carry Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Over The Horizon (OTH) communications payloads, capable of being flown on Defense Department patrol class and civilian derivative aircraft.
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John Chapman
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from John Chapman

Jacobs Senior Architectural Technologist and Subject Matter Expert John Chapman shares the purpose that drives his work in designing manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical products.
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Judith Kozak
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from Judith Kozak

Director of Commissioning, Qualification and Validation for Jacobs Life Sciences North America Judith Kozak shares how a family health scare serves as a daily reminder of the life-changing impact Jacobs has.
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Dhruv Kapoor
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from Dhruv Kapoor

Director of Process Engineering for Jacobs’ Conshohocken Life Sciences operation Dhruv Kapoor shares how enabling access to healthcare in countries all over the world motivates him every day.
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Monika Verma
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from Monika Verma

Jacobs Senior Principal Architect, Monika Verma, shares a personal story of how her work designing pharmaceutical facilities for research and development and the manufacturing of medicines for people around the world has impacted her personally.
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Parimal Trivedi
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from Parimal Trivedi

Lead Piping Engineer Parimal Trivedi shares his personal experience of how modern medicine has transformed his family’s life.
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Priya Unni
News Jan 19, 2023

Together We Transform: A Word from Priya Unni

Jacobs Piping Section Manager, Priya Unni, weighs in on our culture at Jacobs and how our Life Sciences team inspires her everyday.
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